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It’s important that you feel confident and comfortable while you are studying - especially if you are a long way from home.

The park-like grounds of the St Helens campus add to the peaceful atmosphere of the institute, and are only 10 minutes drive to the centre of Auckland. Live on campus at our student hostel, catch up with your work in our library and unwind at our gymnasium and sports hall - all protected by 24-hour security.

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Supportive environment testimonials

Nina Mercep - CertTESOL

I chose to study with AIS for a number of reasons, the main one being that it is a very well-established language school in Auckland. My mother has taught here for some 10 years, which is a strong recommendation. The joy of being able to help others learn and build confidence, coupled with my interest in other cultures, particularly those that are East Asian, led me to enrolling in the AIS CertTESOL programme. I have recently become a new mother, so I wanted to create more opportunities for my future.

I had a great experience at AIS. The eight-week fulltime programme really suited me, as intensive study is what I like. My experience was very positive. I had very experienced and down-to-earth tutors whose insight and knowledge was of great use. The practical aspect of the CertTESOL programme forced us as new teachers to try and give it a go, and in doing so we progressed a lot faster. I now work for AIS as a relief teacher, as well as freelance English teaching to international students here in Auckland.

I recommend AIS. First and foremost the staff are all amazingly hospitable and approachable, as are the students. The array of cultures together in every class means the classes are interesting, with their own dynamic. There’s a lot of help readily available for newcomers, too. I absolutely recommend this school to anyone willing to learn.

Kenji Murakami - Masters of Business Administration

The Internship
After completing his MBA qualification at AIS, Kenji Murakami was the first student to complete the newly introduced AIS MBA Internship Pathway Programme working at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the world’s largest auditing firms. During his internship, Kenji worked as part of the Financial Risk management team at PwC. With over 10 years experience in an actuary role back in Japan, Kenji was delighted at the opportunity to work with the PwC Financial Risk management team as this allowed him to gain valuable insights into an actuary role in New Zealand as well as broaden his industry contacts within his field.

“During my internship with PwC, I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge about the actuarial regulation in New Zealand and my role in the team also allowed me to meet with a lot of other actuaries, including the President of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries (NZSA).”

The NZSA is the professional body for actuaries practising in New Zealand and is currently made up of around 300 members. Membership with the NZSA is very exclusive and can usually only be attained through an existing member’s recommendation. Kenji is currently awaiting confirmation to join as a member of the NZSA with recommendation from the President of the NZSA.

One of the major highlights for Kenji while working at PwC was being able to gain New Zealand working experience, which he feels is an important criteria when looking for a job in New Zealand. He believes the work experience attained during his internship will serve to increase his job opportunities here in New Zealand.

MBA programme
Kenji enjoyed doing the MBA programme at AIS and feels that the programme is able to provide him with the managerial skills and knowledge required to help further his career in his field.

“All the lecturers were so wonderful that my learning process was always highly stimulated. They answered my questions respectfully, they provided effective case studies for learning practically in their lectures, and they provided appropriate feedback of my assignment to me.”

With an impressive CV from working with one of the world’s largest auditing firm and credible references from his internship, there is no doubt we will be catching up with Kenji again soon to chat about his next role here in New Zealand!

Vaohoi Kona He 'Ulu'o' Aho'eitu Mo'unga - Bachelor of International Business

Tongan born and educated Vaohoi Kona He 'Ulu 'O 'Aho'eitu Mo'unga was a student ambassador at AIS who graduated with a Bachelor of International Business with the help of an AIS scholarship.

Vaohoi chose AIS because of the smaller classes compared to other institutes. She also enjoyed the multi-cultural environment and the fact that people are friendly. At AIS Vaohoi fully participated in the school spirit, she was in the Tongan Association, the Student Association and the tennis club. Her favourite memory was co-hosting an AIS cultural evening.

Vaohoi believes the skills and knowledge she gained studying will be useful in her life. “If you want to be successful in your life and get what you want and can afford it, this is the only way. You need to educate yourself to the highest level to be able to achieve this.”

Vaohoi describes AIS as like being in a big family. “As a student, if you see the President, it is okay to say hi to him. You can also talk to the Directors if you want to. Their door is always open to students.”

Vaohoi's advice to others who are considering studying is to give it a go. “This is the only time. Do not leave it until it is too late. You only have one chance in life. Act on it.”

Our friendly and approachable Student Services and Marketing team are always available to give the best pastoral support possible - in your own language.