Our experience has been that most policies purchased overseas do not meet the guidelines set out in the Code of Practice and, therefore, students will be required to purchase a compliant policy before they can enrol.

AIS can arrange insurance with Southern Cross Travel Insurance or Uni-Care Ltd (NZ). Alternatively, students can choose from the approved insurance policies listed below and provide a copy of the policy to AIS.

For more information visit the Southern Cross Travel Insurance website. (Please note the info below with regard to the Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak).

Approved insurance policies for international students:

Policy Name
Uni-Care Ltd (NZ)
  • NZ Student Plan
  • NZ Visitor Plan
  • Australasian Plan
  • Premier Partnership Plan
  • Premier Plan
New Zealand
Lumley NZ- ORBIT Protect Ltd
  • Student Prime
  • Student Lite
  • Study Care Medical & Travel Plan
New Zealand
Southern Cross Travel Insurance International Student Insurance New Zealand
Royal & Sun Alliance The University of Manchester Travel Insurance Policy No. RTT260294 UK
Royal & Sun Alliance The University of Sheffield Travel Insurance Policy No. RKK699045 UK
AVIVA Group Business travel University of Leeds Business Travel Policy No. 100003814GPA UK
Aon UK Ltd University of Edinburgh Aon Protect Personal Accident and Travel Insurance Policy No. 15-PAT-0000000371 UK
Arthur J Gallagher UK Ltd Kings College London Travel Insurance Policy No. 0015865119 UK
AIG GLOBE COVER University of St Andrews Travel Insurance Policy UK
Gouda Rejseforsikring Travel Insurance Denmark
Tryg Forsikring A/S Youth Travel Insurance Denmark
Safeway Travel Insurance-Youth and Students Denmark
Swedish State – Kammarkollegiet Student UT Plan Sweden
Gouda Kilroy Student Insurance Sweden
ANSA ANSA-Student Insurance Norway
Gjensidige Forsikring ASA Travel Medical Insurance Norway
AIU Insurance Company AIG
  • Standard Overseas travel accident and Life insurance
  • S14
  • S15
  • S17
  • S18
  • TWP
  • TWQ
  • W11
  • W12
  • W13
  • W14
  • 2WP
  • 2WQ
Chubb Overseas Travel Insurance: BE1/BE2/BE3/BE4/BG1/BG2/BK1/BK2 Japan
JI Insurance
  • Study Abroad plan: 002/003/004
  • Study Abroad and Working holiday Plan: 114/115/116/117/118
Sompo Japan Individual Study Abroad Plan: S16/K16/S18/K18 Japan
Tokio Marin Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd Tokio Marin Nichido Travel Insurance S3 & S2 Japan
Eurooppalainen Insurance Company Travel and Accident Insurance Finland
InterGlobal Insurance Company Student Care Plus Worldwide

NB. Auckland Institute of Studies reserves the right to change or withdraw any of the above policies at any time.

Non-compliant insurance policies:

Policy Name
ACE Accident & Health   USA
ACE American Insurance Company   USA
ACE Asia Pacific   Korea
ACE Insurance   Japan
Aetna University of Massachusetts USA
AIA   Hong Kong
AIG Travel Guard America
AIG Le Club Etudiant  
AIG SE Asia Classic Superior Singapore
Allianz Pvt Krankenversicherung R65 Germany
Achmea & Oom Verzekeringen   Netherlands
Amex Assurance Company Travel Medical Protection USA
ANSA/NEMI Forsikring   Norway
Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield USA
Assistance Eduduants   France
BUPA International    
Blue Cross-Blue Shield Blue Cross Travel Insurance USA
Cathay Life Insurance Essential Premier Gold U.K
Central Krankenversicherung AG Nth Eastern University St Norberts Germany
Chickering Group Standard Accident Health Plan USA
Chickering/Aetna   USA
CHUBB: Federal Insurance Co. Standard Accident Health Plan Korea
Concordia Classic Superior USA
Concordia Classic Superior Switzerland
Crystal Classic Superior France
CISI- Cultural Insurance Services Int. Company Plan USA
CIGNA Life Insurance   USA
Citybond Sure Travel Superior Travel Insurance UK
CZ Zorg-Opmoatpolis Insurance   The Netherland
Debeka Krankenversicherungsverein   Germany
Deutscher Herold Allgereine Globale   Germany
Desjardins Financial Security Travel/Medical Canada/USA
Die Continentale   Germany
Donau Vienna Insurance Group Master Card Travel Protection Germany
DKV AG AS12/AVS Germany
Endsleigh   UK
Exellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Study Abroad Insurance College Blue Student Essential USA
Europeeshche Verzekeringen   Worldwide
European Union Joint Sickness insurance scheme Europe
Flightline   UK
Golden Rule Travelers   China
Gouda NEMI   Sweden
Gouda Reseforsakring (CSN)   Sweden
Gouda Undomesrejsforsikring Super Denmark
Goudse Schadeverzekeringe N.V Holland   Sweden
Goudse Goudse Verzekering France
Great Lakes Reinsurance   UK
Great Eastern Life Travel Plan China
Green Shield   USA
Hamana   USA
Hansemerkur STA Travel Germany
Helsana Versicherungen AG   Switzerland
Hon Tai Life Insurance Company   Taiwan
Hostelling International Employee Medical USA
HTH Worldwide Elite x250(and lover) USA
HS Backpacker & Longstay Plus Holiday Safe Travel Insurance UK
ICICI Lombard   India
IAK Supplementary Health Care Package The Netherland  
IMG Patriot International USA
ISIC Medical Cover USA
ISIS Travel Insurance Europe
Kaiser Medical Plan USA
Korea Life Insurance Company   Korea
La Capitale Insurance & Financial Services Canada/Quebec
Landrosakring Swedeb Utlandsstudie Sweden
Lewer Agency Travel Plan USA
LG Insurance   Korea
Mail Handlers Benegt Plan/First Health USA
Mannheimer Germany    
Manulife Financial Group Individual Insurance Bermuda    
Manulife   Germany
Mass Mutual Mercury’s Life Insurance Company Ltd Life & Travel Taiwan
Mega Western Michigan University USA
Markel Insurance Company USA The Harbour Group USA
Mitsui Samitomo Insurance Co.   Japan
Multinational Atlas USA
Mondial Assistance   France
Nan Shan Life Insurance Co Ltd   Taiwan
Nasshin Fire & Marine Ins Co.   Japan
New England Carpenters Health Benefits USA
NTUC   Singapore
Oman Insurance Company Bupa Global UAE/USA
Oncall International Student Abroad Insurance Plan –University of Washington USA
Pacific Century Insurance   Taiwan
Pan American Assistance Student Plus Passport Colombia
Pawtucket Mutual Insurance Co. Medical Plan USA
Ping An Life Insurance Company   China
Prudential Assurance Malaysia   Malaysia
RBC Insurance Classical Medical Canada/USA
Royal and Sun Alliance- RSA Medical Plan Canada/USA
Royal and Sun Alliance – RSA Claim Secure Travel/Medical Canada/USA
Royal and Sun Alliance - RSA Group Personal Accident & Annual business travel USA
R + V Versicherung   Germany
Samsung Fire & Marine Ins Co.   Korea
Sem Assure Student International Insurance Absolute Health Europe
Southern Cross and Travel Insurance
  • Well Being
New Zealand
Sun Life Insurance   USA
Sovereign Assurance Company    
STA Travel
  • Premium
  • STA Travel Insurance
State Farm Medical Plan USA
State University of New York Medical Plan USA
Taikang Life Insurance China
TATA AIG Insurance Travel Care Overseas Travel India
Tenet Sing   India
Tetra Flec   USA
The Great West Life Assurance   Canada
Tower Insurance
  • Health Plus
  • Medical Plan
New Zealand
TuGo Student Medical Insurance Canada
The New India Assurance Co.   India
The Oriental Insurance Co.   Taiwan
TIC Travel Insurance   Canada
Travel Cuts Plan B JK
Tricare Champus    
Trygdeetaten Medical Cover Norway Study Abroad Norway
Trygg Hansa   Norway
UCEAP Exchange Medical Plan USA
UNC Chapel Hill Medical Plan USA
United India Travel & Holiday Cover India
United Parcel Service    
Unive Verzekeringen   The Netherland
UKV (Union Krankenversicherung) Foreign Travel Health Insurance Germany
UPMC UMPC + Assist America USA
VHI International VHI Healthcare Ireland
VHI Voluntary Health Insurance Health Care Worldwide
Wills New Zealand Ltd Orbit Protect Lite New Zealand
Wuerttembergische Krankerversicherung   Germany
Wurzurger Versicherung Student Classic Comfort Germany
Yale Yale Health Plan USA
Zurich Travel Plus (Gold, Silver or Bronze Hong Kong

NB. Auckland Institute of Studies reserves the right to change or withdraw any of the above policies at any time.

Submit your claims online:

Submit your claims online, through the online claim portal - Make a claim online | Southern Cross Travel Insurance New Zealand (

You'll be able to upload documents during the process and, once submitted, your claim will go straight into a queue for allocation.

Please note: The details should match the information on file. If you used your personal email address as the main email on your policy, the same should be entered when submitting your claim. Email to update your details.

A Message From Southern Cross Travel Insurance Regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Cover

Medical and Evacuation Cover 

Our International Student policy continues to cover visits to a GP whilst in New Zealand, regardless of whether the diagnosis results in COVID-19 or not.

The Ministry of Health has also confirmed that people who have, or who are suspected of having an infectious and/or quarantinable disease (including COVID-19) are then eligible for publicly funded health services. Citizenship and immigration status are not relevant nor is length of stay in New Zealand.

Cover for any additional medical costs that a student incurs as a result of COVID-19 will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Cancellation or Changes to Journey

On 12 March 2020, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. This means there is no provision to claim for any costs or losses for cancellation or changes to journey (Section 2 of our International Student policy).

We will consider claims for changes to journey if the student purchased their policy prior to 31 January 2020 (21 January 2020 for Mainland China) and they have already cancelled or changed their journey prior to 8.00am on 12 March 2020 (NZDT).

Students are welcome to submit claims for consideration, as we assess claims on a case-by-case basis.

Policy Cancellation or Amendments

We can arrange to amend policy start and end dates if, for example, the student has decided to reschedule their study until later in the year.

If the student chooses to cancel, they may be eligible for a premium refund under their policy. The policy is not refundable once a claim has been made.

Please contact for these requests. No amendment or cancellation charges apply.

Further Information?

You can find more information, general travel advice and tips on staying safe on our website.

Kind regards,

Scott Wickman
Business Development Manager