Homestay Providers

Many New Zealand families welcome the opportunity to have international students living with them. Homestay students can provide everybody in the household with a taste of a new culture and can be a fun and rewarding experience. Students will become a part of your family, participating and contributing to family life. Homestay families are also valuable in providing frequent conversational English practice. 

At Auckland Institute of Studies, our homestay providers must comply with the New Zealand "Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016" (see link for further info - Our homestay providers can be families with young children or teenagers, single people and couples who work or are retired. Families should have a genuine interest in learning about other cultures, have enough time for appropriate supervision and regular interaction and be willing to provide our students with opportunities to discover and experience our culture first hand. 

We have international students who require long-term homestay placement as well as students who come to New Zealand for short courses and require placement for a few days to a few weeks only. Homestay families will receive a weekly payment to cover expenses. We will support you and the student to make sure that it is a positive experience for everyone involved.