Student Fees

Here you can find our most recent fee schedules for domestic and international students.

Fees can also be found on each individual programme page.

Student Services Fee

The Student Services Fee (SSF) covers the provision of a broad range of campus services to students. The fee is allocated to the following services, in consultation with students via the Student/Management Forum:

  1. 52%  -    Counselling services and pastoral care (student orientation, Student Support and Raise EAP)
  2. 18%  -    Employment and careers information, advice and guidance (Student Support and HR)
  3. 20%  -    Sports, recreation and cultural activities (gym, sports teams and cultural events)
  4. 6%    -    Students’ associations and clubs (Student Council, student forums, alumni and whanau events)
  5. 2%    -    Financial support and advice
  6. 2%    -    Health Services

The SSF is charged at a rate of $300.00 per year, or $30.00 per month or part thereof.  In 2023, the SSF covered 64% of the direct costs of these services, with the remaining 36% being subsidised by AIS.

The Student/Management Forum, comprising student representatives from each programme, meets once a trimester to provide input on non-academic matters including consultation on the SSF. 2024 forum timings are 2.30 pm on 15 March, 19 July and 18 October in Room R103 or on MS Teams. Students are invited to contact Nadia Kennington, Student Support Manager, to register their interest in attending the forum, or to provide input.

Download the 2023 SSF report to students and the 2024 consultation document here.

Living costs in Auckland

To live in Auckland you will need approximately NZ$10,000 to NZ$15,000 per year for accommodation and general living expenses.

Below are some examples of the costs you might face:

Rent (per week) $200-350
Groceries (per week) $100-$150
Average meal $12-16
Milk (per litre) $2.50
Can of Coke $2.00
Hot Drink $3.50-$5.00
Single bus trip (up to 8 stages with AT HOP card) $0.44-$8.40
Phone Credit $20-$40
Movie Ticket (Student Price) $11-$14
Haircut $20-$80
Doctor’s visit $15-$70
Dentist’s visit $150-$500