rā whakapōtae


The 2020 Graduation Ceremony will be held on Monday 21 September at the AIS Asquith Campus.

Click here to download an ‘Application to Graduate’ form here.

We encourage all students to take the opportunity to formally graduate and participate in this annual event that is the highlight of our academic year.

All students who have successfully completed a programme within the previous 12-month period are eligible to attend. Appropriate academic dress is worn, comprising gown, hood and trencher for degree graduates, gown and sash for diploma graduates, and a gown for certificate graduates. The wearing of the national dress is encouraged.

The programme printed for the graduation ceremony includes the names of all students, including English Language Centre students, who have completed their programme(s) within the previous 12-month period.

Photographs from previous ceremonies can be ordered on-line at www.global-pix.com.

Informal graduation ceremonies are held every Friday for English Language Centre students.

Application Deadlines

2020 Graduation Ceremony:

Application Deadline:

5.00pm Friday 4 September

Academic Dress Hireage Fees payable by:

Thursday 10 September

Return of certificates already received:

Thursday 10 September

What must I do if I wish to formally graduate in September?

All students wishing to formally graduate at the annual ceremony must have:

  • completed their programme(s) of study within the previous 12-month period up to a final cut-off date one week prior to the planned ceremony date;
  • paid all outstanding fees and/or fines and completed a Student Clearance Form; and
  • completed and submitted an “Application to Graduate” form before the specified final deadline date.

You will not be permitted to graduate at the formal ceremony if you have any outstanding fees or fines.

I have already received my certificate. Do I need to return it if I want to graduate at the ceremony?

Yes, you will need to return your certificate to Registry no later than one week prior to the date of the ceremony.

I am hoping to complete my programme of study in late August or early September. Should I wait for my final results before applying to attend the ceremony?

No, don't wait. You should still complete and submit an “Application to Graduate” form before the specified deadline. 

If you fail to complete your qualification in time for the ceremony, your name will be withdrawn from our graduation list and any graduation fees paid will be refunded. 

Some members of my family who live overseas wish to attend the graduation ceremony to see me graduate. Can I obtain a letter from AIS to support their visa applications?

Yes.  Contact Registry to request a letter to support the required visa application(s).  You will need to provide the following information for each of your visitors wishing to enter New Zealand for the purpose of attending the ceremony:  Full Name / Date of Birth / Arrival and Departure Dates / and their relationship to you.

Do I have to wear academic dress, and how much will it cost?

All students who are formally graduating must wear academic dress. The current hireage fees for academic dress are:

Masters and Bachelors Degrees: 

Gown, hood and trencher   


Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas:    

Gown and gold sash 


Level 5 and Level 6 Diplomas: 

Gown and red sash 





The above fees are subject to change.

Fees for academic dress hireage must be paid prior to the ceremony date. Academic dress is collected by the graduand on the day of graduation at the graduation venue and must be returned by the graduate at the end of the ceremony, before leaving the venue. The academic dress must be worn only by the person hiring it.

Will my family and friends be able to take photos/videos of me during the ceremony?

Yes, but your family and friends must remain seated while they take their photos/videos. We will have an official photographer present to take photos of each graduate as they walk across the stage to receive their award, and you will be able to purchase these photos within a few days of the ceremony from the photographer's website. The photographer will also be able to take 'studio' photos of you and your family and friends after the ceremony.

I have finished my study, but I can't attend the graduation ceremony. Will my name appear in the official graduation programme, and can I still receive a copy?

Yes, your name will be printed in the programme under the heading “In Absentia” (not in person). Please contact reception at the St Helens Campus after the ceremony to ask for a copy of the programme to be sent to you.

Please note that there may be limited copies of the programme available after graduation day.