Executive Development

Acceleration Programme

The Management Acceleration Programme is a workshop series designed for those who are about to, have recently began or want to increase their skillsets to more effectively lead people and manage organisations.

The programme consists of ten workshops to equip participants with the skills and perspectives to work across functions and effectively deal with the complexity and agility of 21st Century organisations. The programme provides a solid foundation for effective leadership in diverse organisations.

The Management Acceleration Programme is for you and the people in your organisation if you want to increase the skills, ability, and confidence to face today’s challenges or if you want to expand your business. You will also mix with like-minded people during the programme to establish new connections and to expand your network.

Participant profile

  • Individuals who aspire to or have recently gained management responsibility
  • People with potential for future senior management positions
  • Individuals who would benefit from understanding the business as a whole, cross-functional interactions and influencing without formal authority

Key benefits

  • To become a more competent and confident manager
  • To gain new insights, knowledge and skills
  • To become more at ease working and managing across functional and cultural boundaries
  • To increase your ability to manage yourself and others in uncertainty and under pressure
  • Join a community of alumni to connect with

Executive Development Workshops Schedule

Each workshop under the Management Acceleration Programme starts at 9 am and finishes at 5 pm with morning tea and afternoon tea provided.

Managing under pressure

  • Leading organisational change.
  • Exercising influence without formal authority
  • Learn how to have difficult conversations successfully
  • Learn how to manage under pressure

Leadership essentials

  • Developing your own and others’ leadership talents
  • Self-awareness to drive effective interactions
  • Appreciating needs and understanding people
  • Harnessing organisational culture and managing across cultures

Communicating with purpose

  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Understanding, motivating and communicating within teams
  • Overcoming communication barriers / problems
  • Improving oral presentations and written communication

Understanding Finances – pulse check and management

  • Understand / interpret financial statements
  • Become familiar with the basis of practical management accounting
  • Learn how to utilise budgeting and performance reporting measures

Applied business strategy

  • Understand the essence of strategic analysis
  • Learn how to use a practical toolkit for implementing strategy
  • Covers case studies on strategic failures and success

Customer engagement – know them and involve them

  • Recognise to meet the real needs and expectations of customers
  • Understand how to develop relationships with customers – both internal and external
  • Learn how to handle difficult customers and turn them into fans

The use of technology in strategy

  • Introduction to digital transformation principles
  • Understand how digital transformation would work at all levels

Project management

  • Become familiar with all PM aspects
  • Learn to apply project management processes to the workplace

 Operations management – performance optimisation

  • Understand forecasting, and inventory control
  • Identify operational priorities and areas requiring attention
  • Learn how to overcome capacity management constraints
  • Learn how to allocate resources effectively matching staff to workflow needs

Using an agile approach – proactive change

  • Learn how to use various Agile techniques with relative limitations and benefits
  • Understand how to apply principles and philosophy of Agile
  • Utilise various Agile practices and techniques to define priorities

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