Neda Hamid

neda hamid

Research interests

Data Mining, Associative Classification, Phishing, Feature Selection.

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Educational qualifications

PhD (Computer Science- Data Mining) De Montfort University, United Kingdom

Bachelor’s in Engineering (Software Engineering) University of Bradford, United Kingdom


Teaching experience

Feb 2016-May 2016 – Senior Lecturer, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, Global Campus, Auckland New Zealand

2014-2015 – Associate Professor - Canadian University Dubai, Dubai UAE

2011-2012 – Deputy Principal – Retaal International Academy, Amman Jordan

2006-2011- IT Instructor – Mashrek International School – IB World School – Amman Jordan


Grants & Awards

Hyper-ICT award from the EU for ICT development of outer Amman --2011

I have successfully managed to obtain a competitive EU grant (JEDCO) of 46,300 Euros to develop an ICT centre in outer Amman for the development of the local community. Hyper-ICT also provides free courses for those who qualify as financially unable.


Phd Supervision

PhD student at Victoria University, Australia in the area of Decision Support Systems.