The Centre for Research in International Education (CRIE) was established at AIS in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2003. It was set up with the aim of conducting research into the social, economic and pedagogic consequences of the internationalism of education, which is an aspect of the process of globalisation that has occurred over the past twenty years.

Increasingly students are looking beyond their countries of origin when seeking to further their education. This phenomenon has important implications, not just for the students themselves, but also for the educational institutions and the countries where they study.

Downloadable outputs from the CRIE website include research papers and working papers. CRIE hosts a biennial international conference, and conference abstracts can also be downloaded.

In February 2010 CRIE launched an academic publication, the Journal of International Education and Business, which is published twice a year. It is not currently available as an e-journal, but a list of articles from past publications is available to view on the CRIE website, along with subscription information.