7.300 Bachelor of Information Technology

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) prepares students to become IT professionals with a breadth of knowledge across a range of IT sub-disciplines, and a depth of understanding in a specialisation, allowing them to lead and become strong participants in IT team projects. The BIT comprises 23 courses, including compulsory and elective courses from: Computer Networks, Information Systems and Software Development.

All BIT students are issued with their own laptop and receive the necessary free Microsoft software.

BIT Specialisations

Computer Networking

The Computer Networking specialisation equips students with skills in computer network engineering, server systems and network security. These skills are applicable to designing, implementing and maintaining computer networks at large and small organisations.

Information Systems

The Information Systems specialisation prepares students for the data-driven industry by equipping them with the analytical skills to develop and support organisations’ IT and enterprise systems. These skills are applicable to the development and management of the software, hardware, and data that is vital to the operation of modern businesses.

Software Development

The Software Development specialisation equips students with the skills to analyse, design, develop, test and deploy business software solutions. There is a continuing shortage of software developers in New Zealand and our students are educated to fill numerous roles in this industry. Software development is taught using the Python, Java and C# languages, in the .NET and Android environments.

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Job Opportunities

The BIT is designed for a range of careers, depending on the specialisation selected. Software Development: software programmer, software developer, software analyst, software designer. Computer Networks: network engineer, network administrator, network support specialist. Information Systems: junior project manager, IT manager, business analyst.

Programme Information

The programme comprises 23 courses, including:
7.101 The Information Technology System
7.102 Business Communication
7.103 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
7.104 Database Engineering I
7.105 Fundamentals of Computer Networking
7.106 Business Environment
7.107 Mathematics for Computing
7.202 System Testing
7.203 Computer Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics
7.217 Requirement Modelling
7.221 Operating Systems
7.301 Information Technology Project Management
7.320 Information Technology Project (completed over two semesters)

Plus four Information Technology elective courses

Plus six courses from a selected specialisation:

NB. Not all courses for the BIT are offered every semester

Software Development

7.201 Systems Analysis and Design
7.205 Object Oriented Programming
7.206 Desktop Applications Development
7.303 Web Applications Development
7.304 Human Computer Interaction
7.308 Mobile Applications Development

Computer Networks

7.218 Server Administration
7.222 Intermediate Computer Networking
7.223 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
7.309 Network System Security 
7.310 Advanced Computer Networking 
7.311 Mobile Network Design

Information Systems

7.201 Systems Analysis and Design
7.205 Object Oriented Programming
7.312 Management Information Systems
7.314 E-Business Strategies 
7.316 Business Intelligence

Plus one of:
7.219 E-Commerce Management 
7.220 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 


Electives may be chosen from the courses available for the specialisations as well as the following:
7.209 Information Systems Security
7.214 Database Engineering II
7.215 Contact Centre Technology
7.322 Information Technology Industry Practice

The inclusion of courses outside the Information Technology programme may be considered with the approval of the Academic Head of Programme.


7-9 semesters full-time

Start Dates in 2018

10 September

Start Dates in 2019

29 January, 20 May, 9 September

Semesters and scheduled breaks:

Semester 2, 2018 - 21 May to 24 August 
Between Semester Break - 25 August to 9 September 

Semester 3, 2018 - 10 September  to 14 December
Between Semester Break - 15 December 2018 to 28 January 2019


Entry Requirements

International Students

2018 Programme Fees:    NZ$16,840 per 120 credits
Resource Fees:    NZ$1,760 (includes laptop bond)
Total:    NZ$18,600
2019 Programme Fees:    NZ$17,680 per 120 credits
Resource Fees:    NZ$1,840 (includes laptop bond)
Total:    NZ$19,520

Plus a compulsory Student Services Fee of NZ$270 per year (or NZ$27 per month or part thereof). In 2019 this will be NZ$300 per year (or NZ$30 per month or part thereof).

Domestic Students

2018 Programme Fees:    NZ$4,000 per 120 credits
Resource Fees:    NZ$1,760 (includes laptop bond)
Total:    NZ$5,760 per 120 credits

Plus a compulsory Student Services Fee of NZ$270 per year (or NZ$27 per month or part thereof). In 2019 this will be NZ$300 per year (or NZ$30 per month or part thereof).


This programme is eligible for a student loan from Studylink. Contact Studylink on 0800 88 99 00 or log on to www.studylink.govt.nz to apply for student finance.


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