Message From The President

Welcome to AIS, an independent tertiary institution with a distinctive international focus. We attract many thousands of students and staff from countries around the world and have developed close relationships with educational institutions both nationally and internationally. We started in 1990 with a goal of offering a broad range of programmes from beginner’s English through to a master’s degree qualification.

Today’s AIS undergraduate and postgraduate students experience expert personalised education. The learning and development of each student is guided by qualified staff who are committed to helping students achieve success.

We have created learning pathways and support strategies to cater for the different skills and abilities of individual students, maximising their opportunities to achieve their goals.

On both our St Helens and Asquith Campuses we ensure that a friendly, nurturing environment balances and supports our rigorous and demanding academic programmes. We utilise a variety of monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the quality of our programmes is maintained at the highest international standards. Earning an AIS academic credential is a qualification for life, and requires each student to demonstrate a high level of personal commitment and integrity.

In order for our graduates to utilise their qualifications, we actively seek input from stakeholders, especially prospective employers. We promote and support students moving forward in their careers through internships, an active careers office, post-qualification placement grants, and an active alumni network.

Studying at AIS is a uniquely rewarding experience.

Richard Goodall