Established in 1990, Auckland Institute of Studies is one of New Zealand’s largest independent degree-granting institutions.

You will benefit from studying one of a wide range of NZQA-approved qualifications, including diploma and degree programmes in international business, tourism management, hospitality management, information technology (IT), business administration and English language. Our flexible three-semester system and cross credit recognition allows you to fast-track your studies and get a head start on your career.

A friendly and nurturing environment balances and supports our rigorous academic programmes. At AIS you will experience expert personalised education in small classes. Whether from New Zealand or overseas, you will receive everything you need to feel comfortable and confident while studying with us – ensuring that you are well-equipped to succeed once you complete your qualification.


Latest News

AIS 25th Anniversary Scholarships Now Available

Auckland Institute of Studies is getting a head start on their 25th Anniversary celebrations with the announcement of a limited number of scholarships for their bachelor’s ...

20 August 2014


AIS Group Students Help Launch Education New Zealand Game On English Programme

Prime Ministers Abe and Key pose with the Iwami Chisuikan High School team AIS group students from Iwami Chisuikan High School were the focal point of the official ...

7 July 2014


Real World Success

AIS has a partnership with a specialist intern company to provide AIS students with customised internships and placements in New Zealand. Internships will increase your future employment prospects by helping you build a network of connections and adding an understanding of the commercial environment and workplace practice, whatever the industry you have trained for.